Chris Kyle, Us Navy Seal

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Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle, U. S Navy Seal

Owning his first gun at the age of eight, Chris Kyle learned to shoot as he hunted with his father for deer, quail and pheasants in West Texas. Chris was raised in Odessa, Texas and dreamed of joining the Unites States Marine Corps but upon finishing high school he became a professional bronco rider, apparently gratifying his need for “danger and excitement” and stimulating his “no fear” attitude. Unfortunately, he suffered a career ending injury and worked as a ranch hand for several years until he decided to follow his dream and join the military. Chris’s desire to become a Marine changed the day he went to the recruiting office and found that the Marine Recruiter had “gone to lunch”. He spoke with the army recruiter and learned that he couldn’t go into special forces right away but instead could join the Rangers. Chris did not want to “be on the outside looking in” and turned to leave the recruiting office. However, the Navy recruiter pulled him aside and told him he could become a SEAL right away. Chris attempted to enlist in the United States Navy but did not pass his physical due to the pins in his arm from the rodeo accident and was turned down. Disappointed he went back to the only work he knew, ranching. For reasons still unknown, Kyle received a call from the Navy several months later asking him to come on board despite his injury. He completed boot camp and went straight into BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition/Scuba), beginning his almost eleven years of service to the American people. Assigned to SEAL Team 3, Sniper Element Charlie platoon within the Naval...

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