Standing Up for Beliefs

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What it means to Stand Up for my Beliefs

Good Afternoon brothers and sisters,

For those of you who don’t know me I’m the Teachers Corm President, Brother Ngatikaura or
You can me Mr. President either will do

So today I was asked to speak on what it means to stand up for my beliefs
Now when I first got the subject I thought to myself that I really haven’t had the chances to stand up for my beliefs living in Utah and all
But then after some thought it came to me, that standing up for my beliefs was as simple as setting a good example
I remember growing up and how many good example I had to aspire to become like
But now I have learned it is my turn to set the example
By doing what I should be doing and always being ready to teach or defend my religious beliefs at anytime

One of my close friends who is also a Teachers Corm President has helped me do this by setting a personal goal to keep his words and actions clean when he told me this I told him “ Oh good for you…”
But as I watched him grow spiritually and become a better person by keeping himself clean
I unknowingly joined him and have been keeping my words and actions clean and along the way gaining a stronger testimony

Another example I thought of was President Monson’s Talk in General Conference in October of last year on Daring to Stand Alone
The story he told of his experience in the navy was the one that I thought went best with my topic
It was on the first Sunday of his week in the navy. They received welcome news from their chief petty officer. Standing at attention on the drill grounds, they heard his command: “Today everybody goes to church—everybody, that is, except for me. I am going to relax!”
After he told all the religious groups on his list to go to their separate areas he stopped. He looked in Pres. Monson’s direction and asked, “So just what do you guys call yourselves?” Until that very moment he had not realized that anyone was standing beside or behind him on the

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