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Memories from the Past

By christopherkrik Apr 17, 2013 515 Words
Memories from the Past
The warm smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air, as the jolly music played in the background. People are wearing colourfully knitted scarfs and sweaters. The golden sun was always shining in the clear blue sky. Those were the days I will never forget. That special moment when nana pulled out the golden, crispy turkey is when you know it’s Christmas time. The lit-up streets were full of dancing, bright Santa’s. Every house had flickering, blinding lights that made every minute the most exciting yet. There is always that one amazing house on every single street, the one that shows every other lower-class house up. But when all the excitement is over, it’s time to start opening those glowing presents! As soon as I get the present in my eager hands, I just go berserk! I rip through the light wrapping paper as my mind is anticipating the thought of the present. Nana’s house was always the home of those special Christmas holidays, until February 22nd 2011. The destructive force was too much for that little house to take, and it was destroyed into oblivion. When I was first told about the house, I was tidying up my messy room. Things were all over the place, chip bags, bits of paper and that lunch from last week you don’t want to touch. As soon as I had put that disgusting smelly food in the bin, my mum walked up to me and said we needed to have a talk. So I went in the lounge and sat down. She told me about the house and I was so devastated. I could not believe this had happened. I will never forget that moment when she told me that bit of news. The very first thing I did when I was told was ring my nana and see how she was. She sounded so devastated and I felt like crying. It was horrible thinking about losing your house, well not just any house, a home that you grew up in. You could hear her start to cry then she told me that it would be fine, that everything would be ok. But I knew it was not. But in the coming weeks I had started to come around to the fact that we would never spend Christmas together at that memory filled home. We all decided to go back to see what it was like now, the big construction cranes and bulldozers were shovelling all the rubble away when we got there. It was a frightening sight. All you could see was, well, nothing but brown dirt with a couple patches of grass. It was eye-opening to see what a earthquake can do in just a couple of minutes. A once great house was turned into a pile of rubble with no warning at all. As I started to walk back to the car, I know that I could smell that sweet smell of cookies in the air. Great memories will not be forgotten. Ryan McCormack Word Count: 512

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