How Cancer Affects a Family

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This was the diagnosis of stage four cancers that affected my mom and there was nothing that the doctors could do. The next question my dad had was, “How long?” The doctor said, “Less than ninety days,” due to the fact that the cancer had eaten its way through mom’s bladder. This is the most serious illness that I have had to deal with was truly hard on me and a lot more so on my dad; since he and mom would have been married more than thirty years.

My question was, “Okay, do we tell her or just let everything seem as if it all going to be alright?” We just wanted Mom to be happy and not in any pain. So, we decided not to tell her that she was dying, just to take it one day at a time. After, that I took a month off from work to spend time with my mom not knowing when or if I was going to be able to handle it when she did pass. During this time off from work I would take her out to eat and shopping just to have that time to myself with her. She was so excited just to get out ever though it would wear her out being out and trying to walk. Mom would never let us know that she was in pain or needed something for the pain.

The day came when we had to put her in the nursing home due to her needing around the clock care; just the thought of her not being in the same house without her there was lonely. When took her to her room. She just looked at the walls shaking her head saying “this is not like home”. We told her “Mom, we can make it look just like your room at home, by putting pictures on the walls and flowers in the room.” After, we got a few of her things in there it did make her smile just the thought of her being happy was the main thing.

Sadly, the tragic day came when I went to the nursing home and the CNA’s were outside to mom’s room. I asked “if they were getting ready to give her at bath or something?” They would not answer me, just then the nurse came out and told me that mom was gasping and that she could die at any time, so if I needed to call...
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