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To: Customers of Chloe’s Cupcakes
From: Dan Lionel, Public Relations Liaison
Date: May 12, 2012
Subject: Publication of Nutrition Facts

Due to extensive customer feedback, we at Chloe’s Cupcakes would like to demonstrate our commitment to making healthy choices by publishing nutrition information for all of our baked goods. Although our stores would not be required by law to provide the nutrition facts of our products, we agree that customers should have access to as much information as they desire before making a purchase.

We are confident that that you, the customer, will feel better about choosing Chloe’s Cupcakes once you are aware of these facts. We are committed to use the best locally grown ingredients in our baked goods, and we freshly prepare all of our desserts each morning. Moreover, we have a line of vegan treats that substitute some of the highest-calorie ingredients in non-vegan goods with healthier options—while still delivering great flavor. For those customers who are looking to splurge, we have an exquisite selection of decadent treats too, including our famous crème brûlée macaroon sundae.

All of our nutrition information will be available online, along with a list of ingredients and possible substitutes for those with dietary restrictions. We will also provide pamphlets in stores with the same information, to be updated periodically. As it is cumbersome to obtain accurate nutritional analyses of handmade food products, we are unable to guarantee access to nutritional information for seasonal flavors and promotional items.

Dan Lionel

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