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To: Kathy Kudler
Date: June 19, 2013
Subject: Market Research

Thank you Kathy for allowing me to come in and assess your company and its marketing needs. I have looked over the marketing strategy that has been put in place and I would like to make a few suggestions to improve your overall cost, boost employee morale, and customer loyalty. Cooking Lesson

Your company is aimed at attracting the customer who shops for the finer foods/ingredients for their meals. This customer knows the value of these finer products. People seem to have busier lives nowadays. I believe hiring a chef to come in once a month to show your customer simple dishes that could be prepared with some of your finer foods. These dishes need to be quick and simple. Whatever items you will be featuring, will be the item you stock more of that month. Always make the day the chef will be there the same day every month, for example, every first Saturday of the month at noon. As the cooking lessons attract more customers, you will sell more products. Purchasing items in bulk will lower the stores cost, but increase the bottom line. Employee Recognition

Employee recognition will boost employee morale, in turn it will reflect in the personal service to the customers. Many company’s train their employees to be the best at what they do and leave it at that. You can give an employee a raise, a thank you, or even a paid day off, but without public recognition it does not mean much. I suggest having an employee of the month wall. Along with the public recognition, offer a special parking space, gift card to their favorite restaurant, or a gas card. It does not have to be an expensive gift, just a thoughtful one. Something that is personal to that employee. This will let them know you care for them as an individual. Giving the customer a reason to be at your store even when they do not need groceries is always good. Along with the...

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