Medieval Period

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Aldwin Ashley Abon Maj. 6
BSED-III Medieval Period

What is it all about?
- it is all about the period, age or era after the fall of Roman Empire and the beginning of "rebirth" or the Rennaisance period.
- it is the bridge with these two very important eras in literature.

What is the meaning of medieval and period?
- the term medieval comes from the latin word "medium aevum" which means "middle age". Medieval was 1st used in the 19th century and the original spelling of it is "mediavel".
-period means a length of time that is very important in the history of the world or nation.

What do you mean by A.D. and C.E. means?
- A.D. means "anno domini" which is the latin for "in the year of our God" the year after his birth.
- C.E. means "common era"
Many writers prefer to use CE than AD .. so, AD and CE are just the same like BC which means Before Christ and BCE which means Before Common/Christian Era.

Why it is called the Dark Age? But why it is also known as The Age of Faith?
-at first, Medieval Period was called DA because of 4 reasons
1. Ignorance and brutality
2. No scientific accomplishments had been made
3. No great art produced
4. No great leaders born
But when the scholars began to appreciate the medieval period's architecture, philosophy, and literature, they labeled this as "The Age of Faith" because most of the works are centered on religous teachings in the reason that religion is the most powerful institutuion during the time.

Describe Medieval Period.
- pervasive christianity
- poverty
- ignorance
- economic chaos
- bad government
- plague
- cultural and artistic achievement
- technological development

Social Classes in Middle Ages
1. Royalty - highest social class (kings, queens, princes and princesses)
2. Nobility - (hereditary and non-hereditary nobility)
3. Hereditary Nobility - (dukes and dutchess, barons)
4. Non-Hereditary Nobility - (knights, popes, bishops, priests, monks,clergy)
5. Common

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