Medical Tourism

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Contemporary Issues
in Marketing
Medical Tourism

Submitted To:
Prof. Neelima Ruparel

Submitted By:
Jaypal Shah (11075)
Hiten Dabhi (11051)
Batch: 2010-12

Gujarat University
B.K. School of Business Management


I hereby declare that the CIM project report on “Medical Tourism” is an original and bonafide project carried out by me and duly submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for awarding a Masters in Business Administration at B K School of Business Management, Ahmedabad. This project has been done under the Guidance of Professor Dr Neelima Ruparel, faculty, B K School of Business Management and has not previously been submitted in part/ full, towards any other degree or diploma program.

Place: - Ahmedabad Date: - 2/5/2012 Jaypal Shah (11075) Hiten dabhi (11051) MBA II Batch- 2010-12, BKSBM, Ahmedabad.


The Contemporary Issues on “Medical Tourism” was a great learning experience. I would like to thank many people who helped and guided me throughout the project. Firstly, We would like to thank my mentor, Dr Neelima Ruparel, without whose constant support and guidance, this project would not have been completed. She provided me with all the necessary inputs wherever and whenever required and for her constant feedbacks and Information about the project. Further we would like to extend our acknowledgement to Dr. Sarla Achuthan for providing the environment and infrastructure needed to accomplish this task. As a Director In charge of the Institute, she has thoroughly helped and counseled us at each step of this process. With the contribution of all these people, the project would have been incomplete.

Jaypal Shah Hiten Dabhi BKSBM, Ahmedabad.

The term Medical Tourism refers to people going abroad with the purpose of seeking medical treatment. It also includes healthcare providers travelling to another country to deliver their service. The practice of this kind of travelling has increased rapidly in recent years, and over 50 nations worldwide have identified medical tourism as a national industry.

Virtually any type of health care can be provided for medical tourism patients, although some treatments are more widespread than others. Elective surgery, such as cosmetic surgery, together with more complex and specialized surgery is very common, but the practice also include dental treatments and wellness programs, as well as treatments spanning for a long time, such as cancer treatment and convalescence care. Several factors have stimulated the demand for medical tourism.Longer waiting times and higher cost in the patients’ home countries are two important factors. Enhanced personalized service together with improvements in technology in the provider countries are other incitements. More flexible and lower international travel costs have also contributed. Most patients travel from the First World to exotic destinations to combine their treatment with a relaxing holiday. Some of the most popular destinations...
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