Concierge Medicine

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Concierge Medicine

Medicine has changed in the past years in many ways. With the change and inventions of new cures, technology, and less invasive procedures, medicine has become a whole different world. Though there has been many enhancements that increase the productivity and treatment outcomes in medicine, the delivery method and care has changed along with it, and not for always for the best. Hospitals are what people find security and safety from all illness and diseases they have come across, but with the change of the economy and budget cuts, the first thing to cut is patient care and service. When people think of hospitals they think of long lines, waiting for hours for a simple procedure or question, medications that aren’t helpful and no care or relationship with the doctor. Patients get less time with physicians and more time with physician assistants and nurses. Many hospitals and clinics have made it known at the first meeting that after the initial appointment, the remainder of appointments will be either with the nurse practitioner or physician assistant. With less care and relationship from the physician, patients start to wonder why pay high dollar for less service, and that’s where the issue arises.

The solution is concierge medicine, the form of treatment with a new development in the health care industry, with increasing numbers of physicians starting their own practice providing concierge medicine. Concierge medicine has developed in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, increasing to 15 practices. There are two major types of patients that have adored the approach of concierge medicine, high-income families with busy schedules that do not put a price tag on their valuable time and patients with severe health conditions or with several health conditions that need special attention on a normal basis. These two types of patients have found this approach to help their busy and stressful lifestyles without having to wait in long lines, spend...

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