Mediation Opening Statement

Topics: Mediation, Agreement, Resolution Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Introduction of myself, my purpose, and the participants:
Hello, my name is ____and I am a trained certified mediator. I am here to act as a mediator to help assist you in resolving your conflict. My goal is to assist each of you in reaching a mutually acceptable decision. I will remain unbiased and impartial, I am not here to represent either side, nor will I take sides. I would like all involved parties to feel as comfortable as possible so I would like to take a moment to ask how you would like to be addressed during this and future meetings. I also request that you notify me of any questions or concerns. Discuss confidentiality and the intent to be as impartial as possible. Let us set some table top rules: like: taking turns talking, not dwell on problem and try to focus on possible resolutions. Confidentiality – I am binded by the law to respect your privacy and keep the items discussed at our meetings confidential, unless what is discussed affects your safety and the safety of others. (Discuss the rules in depth) and please feel free to contribute to our rule list at any time. Affirm voluntary Participation.

Because all the involved parties have agreed to meet for this mediation it demonstrates your willingness to participate. I am hopeful that we will be successful in working on a mutually beneficial resolution. Frame the Conflict.

Today we are here to focus on how to improve the situation and come up with standing agreements that will prevent this conflict from posing a continuous problem. Explain the Mediation Process including the caucus, logistics, and a Review of the Rules. I am going to take a moment and go over the flow of our conversation. I will ask that you remember and respect the rules. (take a moment to review the rules) This meeting will be for ___ . I am hopeful that we have come up to an agreement on your own terms so if we do not have an agreement today we can set a new date and time to continue this process. I will...
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