Media Influence on Violence in Society

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Media’s Influence on Violence in Society

The human condition and its thirst for violence have been around for centuries.

Dating back to times of war as early as the crusades and even biblical recordings of Cain

and Able. Violence in correlation to evolution has grown and taken different forms to

affect the populous. As stated before it was something that was used with a purpose in

some respect , one that could be deemed noble, than that of a cause used for pleasure.

Entertainment and the promotion of violence have been around for ages. During times of

the Ancient Roman Era, slaves that were turned into warriors also know as Gladiator,

were brought into arenas filled with tens of thousands of spectators and force to killed

and use violence to be deemed victorious. With that victory came spoils such as status

lavish gifts or in some cases their freedom. This example is used as a highlight to

showcase that the violent acts that occurred was very popular and was by its nature

considered to be entertaining to the citizens that attended the events and the upper class

whom put on the show. In those times the elite that put on the show did so as means to

satisfy a burdened lower class whom otherwise due to conditions of hardships would

have did things that could have deem detrimental to the ruling classes power. This tool of

public violence, though in present time by a reasonable person standard can be found to

be immoral, was something that the ruling class used to its benefit. The Exploitation of

violence still remains a functional tool used for the powers that be, in present times it has

evolved from a means of distraction to a tool with which one can exploit and benefit

monetarily. Which brings to question is the exploitation and marketing of violence and

crime by way of violence in media morally irresponsible?

To date some of the greatest media shows and films maintain an aspect of

violence that is furthered through acts of criminality. Some of the examples include the

all time blockbuster of Scarface. With the film it depicts a foreign immigrant that rises to

the top of success through the use of malicious violence and illegal behaviors including

the selling of drugs. The film up to date has earned gross income of over a $150 million

worldwide. (1) This statistics goes to show how much people prescribed to the viewing of

the movie withstanding the profits of secondary promotions of the films brand through

merchandise and other auxiliary outlets. Another great American depiction of crime is

that of a famous fictional Mob family the Sopranos. This popular Television show depicts

the inner workings of a Mob family with regard to their day to day lives, how business is

conducted, and how the use and promotion of violence is a necessary means or bi-product

in the road to success. This widely loved brand has went on to gross over $160 million

dollars as per statistic provided through factual evidences shown through TV station

A&E actions where committed to paid 2.5 million per episode for the brands whole

catalog (2). This large amount that a station was willing to pay can be seen as a perfect

highlight to exactly how popular the show was with society at large and what their

valuation was really be esteemed to be. Fast forwarding to a recent hit with society we

can highlight the show Breaking Bad. This show finds it overarching plot showcasing a

classic everyday middle class individual who is force by outside and internal

circumstance to go against societal norms and engage in illegal activity and the use of

violence in the furtherance of such activities. Through out the show the viewer is enticed

by the wins the average man can attain if he just decided to walk the path of using

violence and prescribing to illegal activities....

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