Media and Social Media Campaign

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Media and Social Media Campaign for
Cofrad collaboration with
London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion has exclusively teamed up with world renowned mannequin manufacturer Cofrad, to present an exciting new installation located in the heart of Paris.

‘Water is to life what mannequins are to the fashion industry…Essential’

Without each other neither would survive, so we have created a unique sensory experience using digital projections to present a installation of life's essential elements.

We aim to amplify the Cofrad brand online via specific social media outlets, carefully timed pop up events, a lavish launch party and Installation. To reach new audiences and to enhance the Cofrad brand as the voice of authority in the mannequins industry.

We aim to implement pop-up mannequins prior to installation to generate buzz in Paris. In regards to raising awareness for the ‘Cofrad for you’ installation we will focus heavily on promoting through social mediums We will plan and launch the installation with a successful event exclusively for press, media, clients, and industry professionals Ultimately we want to attract existing and new clients to the new online community and have viable ways to measure success rates for all mediums

The target audiences we want to attract include opinion formers who are those set trends and influence others, art/fashion enthusiasts, people from creative industry’s,high end fashion designers, and prospective new clients.

Marketing Strategy
There are three parts to the strategy, consisting of:

Social media campaign
Media campaign
Media stunt

We have carefully selected appropriate outlets, and the most effective way to enable us to generate a mass amount of attention around the installation. Through social media it is important to create a buzz and a buildup to the installation but also leave a lasting impression behind for the Cofrad brand to build upon.

Social Media Campaign
The key element of a campaign is focused on delivery via people from within the community and creative messages in the form of imagery, videos, posters, etc.

The social media platforms we will be implementing consist of three mediums:

Creation of event - Invite people and encourage to share
Post exclusives and share via UAL network
Share Poster
Create buzz by posting updates/news
Post Cofrad news and updates
Create competitions
Follow influential figures and attempt to gain re-tweets
Best way of instantly interacting with users for a quick response Pinterest
Post unique visuals of Cofrad mannequins
Effective way to present mannequins and Cofrad events
Able to create a personalized pin board of all things Cofrad The ability for other users to re-pin pictures posted could generate huge promotion

These social media platforms aim to attract new clientele to the Cofrad brand which in turn will create relationships with users. We also hope to encourage them to express their own content and ultimately maintain consistent contact with them through sharp content generated by LCF.

Online Mediums-
Some examples of social media posts, competitions and promotion below:

Facebook- [pic]


Media Campaign:
Once the date for the launch night has been finalized, a professional and enticing media/press pack will be sent to selected media and press contacts. The hard copy invite will be

sent in a blue envelope to match a water theme and stand out. The online press pack will be sent in the form of a Prezi to provide a unique and refreshing invite

To build and keep relations with media contacts we will follow up with courtesy calls/emails. Once relations have been established, we will present the idea of using Cofrad mannequins for a...

Links: on all social media sites for registration
Event created on Facebook and Twitter to build buzz
July/August – Final Push and Details
Run Facebook Ad Campaign
Twitter hash-tag for events
Final details and increasing buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Final venue details locked in
Reach out to all attendees with details to build excitement.
The purpose of our Media and Social Media campaign is to generate and sustain as much positive publicity and awareness for our event in Paris. Through this exposure we hope to gain new clientele for Cofrad and strengthen existing relationships for them with a high quality event.
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