Business Plan for a Night Club

Topics: Marketing, Expense, Target market Pages: 21 (5490 words) Published: April 16, 2002
Prepared By:

Anthony DiGiacomo

Omar Lindo

Nicole Terry

Rachel Buckley

Chris Tribble

Jeff Owens

Table of Contents

TopicPage #

 Executive Summary4
 Mission Statement8
 Description of the Venue 10
Company Summary 11
Start-up Summary12
Business Description15
 Market Analysis16
Market Analysis Summary17
Market Segmentation18
Chart 1 – Total UCONN Enrollment19
Demographic Statistics20
Target Market Segment Strategy23
Service Business Analysis26
Main Competitors27
Strategy and Implementation Strategy30
 Marketing Plan32
Marketing Strategy33
 Operations Plan35
Personal Plan36
Management Summary40
Management Team40
 Financial Plan44
Income Statement 200246
Income Statement 200347
Income Statement 200448
 Appendices49
VIP Passes51

Executive Summary

The Mecca Nightclub will be a premier, high-energy, theme dance and nightclub located in Mansfield/Storrs, Connecticut. Our goal is to provide college students with the best nightclub experience with quality service at a reasonable price. The atmosphere of high energy, light and sound systems mixed with interactive theme nights will give club goers exceptional entertainment. Our objective is to establish a brand of entertainment and service that is unique and adds more value than any other alternative. Based on our investigations not many businesses will compete against us, thus giving our product the upper hand in our market niche. Our operating motto: MECCA - Make Every Customer Come Again, and leave a lasting impression in our customer's minds. The Mecca is a partnership business owned by six entrepreneurs:  Anthony DiGiacomo – Co-President/Operations Manager  Omar Lindo – Co-President/Operations Manager

 Rachel Buckley – Human Resource Manager
 Nicole Terry – Finance Manager
 Jeff Owens – Beverage/Maintenance Manager
 Christine Tribble – Marketing Manager
Each of the six entrepreneurs has generated $40,000 to start-up the business. A loan of $500,000.00 will be required to cover the initial expenses. Initially The Mecca will seek the help of the Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as the Connecticut Development Authority (CDA) to obtain financing for the business. R. Vaughan Newcombe (Professional Accountant) will audit the financial reports.

The main objectives of the development of this new venture are:  Capitalize on excellent location opportunity with swift commitment to our local college universities.  To launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event in the fall of 2002.  To maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control.  To maintain a total beverage cost below 25% of beverage revenue.  To exceed $3 million in net profit by the third year of plan implementation. The keys to success in achieving our goals are:

 Provide exceptional service that leaves an impression.  Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality.  Managing our internal finances and cash flow to enable upward capital growth.  Strict control of all costs at all times, without exception.

Mission Statement
Premier, high-energy, theme dance-club in Connecticut who will remain a step ahead of the competition through commitment to exceptional customer service. The Mecca will provide more video and electronic technology than anyone in the area while also providing a simple, yet unique, theme schedule and atmosphere. Our operating credo is: MECCA Make Every Customer Come Again

Company Summary
The key...
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