Media and Gender

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Chevrolet Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Gender Studies: Media Socialization

Colorado State University, Pueblo

After reading Chapter 13 in our text book, I now look at commercials, magazine ads and other advertisements in a different light. In the text book, Lindsey highlighted the very common approach that media uses to enforce the social expectations in gender roles.

The advertisement I will discuss throughout my paper came from the May 2010 issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray. The three page Chevy advertisement begins with a red sedan driving down a city road. The background of the picture shows a blurred city sidewalk with a couple walking and people sitting and eating under canopies. There is large bold text that reads “So dependable we’re building our reputation on it.” There is an additional paragraph in smaller text that highlights the limited warranty, courtesy transportation programs and the Consumers Digest reports of the car. The last portion of small text is the price of the car. The text reads, “2010 LTZ as shown, $27,675. The second page shows a Chevy Equinox and its large text is, “Drinks gas from a sippy straw.” The third page is a picture of a family size car with the text reading, “Neither mini nor van.” All three pages have smaller text that highlights the vehicles benefits. They also all have a price listed.

In this paper I will discuss what I believe the intent was when the advertisement was created. The advertisement sparks an initial interest as well as offers some information requiring additional thought. The elements of persuasion are useful tools to dissect the approach intended in this advertisement. The most interesting discovery was when I took a men’s magazine and compared a Chevy add from the male magazine to the one I wrote about. There was definitely a different approach taken when the target was primarily women.

Media Socialization
One of the key elements in selling a product to the public is not only the necessity and...

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