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PSY 310
Social Psychology
Fall I 2007






Social Psychology: Unraveling the Mystery
Kenrick, D. T., Neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, R. B.
Allyn and Bacon.
4th Edition

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Social Psychology

Faculty Information
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Course description: Survey of theory and research on human social behavior, including topics such as aggression, attitudes, attribution, group dynamics, interpersonal relations, and prejudice and stereotypes. Emphasis on the diversity of human experience and ethical conflicts in psychological research and practice.

Course Pre-requisites: PSY101

Required Textbook:

Kenrick, D. T., Neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, R. B. (2007). Social Psychology: Unraveling the Mystery.4th Edition. Allyn and Bacon. ISBN: 0-205-49395-5

Technology: Pentium III CPU/ Windows 98; 128MB RAM, printer; Microsoft Office Acrobat (full version), Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (PC) 5.0 (MAC) or Netscape Navigator 4.08. Norton Antivirus.

Course length: 7.5 Weeks

Contact Hours: 45 Hours

Credit Value: 3.0

Program Outcomes:

1. Cognitive Abilities
1.1. Critical Thinking - Given a psychological issue, employ skeptical inquiry and a scientific approach to respond to the issue. 1.2. Information Literacy - Given a research question related to psychology, access information from a variety of sources and select appropriate sources to respond to the question. 2. Research

2.1. Understanding Research Methods – Given an article about research findings in the field of psychology from a scholarly journal, identify the research methods used and the findings of the article. 2.2. Identifying Research Methods – Identify the appropriate statistical tools and basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation. 3. Communication Skills

3.1. Oral - Effectively present psychological concepts orally as appropriate to the audience. 3.2. Written - Effectively present psychological information, in writing, using software and style appropriate to the audience. 4. Ethics/Diversity

4.1. Ethics - Identify the issues and challenges related to ethics in the field of psychology. 4.2. Diversity - Identify the issues and challenges related to diversity in the field of psychology. 5. Knowledge of the Field

5.1. Foundations – Recognize the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, applications, and historical trends in psychology. 6. Knowledge of Applied Psychology
6.1. Apply psychological principles to personal, social, and/or organizational issues.

Course Objectives:

1. Present major theories and principles of social psychology in readings, lectures, online discussions and activities, and out-of-class projects. (Program Outcome(s): 3.1, & 5) 1.1. Describe how social behavior is determined by three factors: the person, the situation, and the interaction between the person and the situation. 1.2. Analyze the principles of human social behavior assumed by the four theoretical perspectives — sociocultural, social cognitive, evolutionary, and social learning. 1.3. Apply the main contemporary theories in social psychology to phenomena observed in real-world settings. 2. Critically assess the design, findings, and implications of classic and recent research studies as it pertains to social psychology with the help of repeated opportunities (through readings, lectures, online discussions and activities, and out-of-class projects). (Program Outcome(s): 2.1, 3.2, 4.1, 5, & 6) 2.1. Describe descriptive and experimental research methodologies utilized in social psychological studies. 2.2. Analyze the implications of...
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