Media Analysis in Malaysia (Newspapers)

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Newspapers are essential in everyone’s daily life as it is the main source of news since the olden days before the television was invented. Without the newspapers, where does the news come from? Particularly in Malaysia, there are several languages used in the country. The main languages used however are English, Bahasa and Mandarin. Each of these different languages have specially dedicated newspapers to the particular language.

For the Malaysian English Newspaper, one of the best known newspapers is Malaysia is The Star. The Star was first published as a regional newspaper in George Town, Penang in 1971. During that time, it is also the first kind of tabloid to be produced in Malaysia. After being well known for a number of years, they moved on to becoming a national newspaper. On 1995, The Star was the first media organization in Malaysia to launch an online website that features interactive contents. Moreover, they were also listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange board in the same year. The Star newspaper is fondly known as a 4 in 1 newspaper because it contains several different sections including the Main paper, StarBiz, StarTwo and StarMetro. On Sundays, Star comes out with a special weekend edition, Sunday Star. Currently, The Star has the most number of readerships and is the leading English daily amongst other dailies in the country.

The Derivation of Newspaper
A newspaper is a form of publication that is regularly apprised involving news, advertisements and information. Usually they are being printed on a low cost, in an inferior paper called newsprint. Generally newspaper contains many sections about the events happening around us. Either it is about the latest accidents, poll elections or even the death of a famous singer. A newspaper is a hot form of mass media. To know more, you can find it under the Audience section.

The History
In The Foreign Countries:
Newspaper’s history is taken aback five centuries ago where it was an often-dramatic phase of the human experience. Handwritten newsletters circled around in the bush among merchants, giving out information regarding of war fares and economic conditions to abide the customs and interest of the humans during those days. In the 1400s, Germany was the first country to have printed indications of the newspaper. Either it took the form of news pamphlets or broadsides. It is perpetually high in dramatized content. The most eminent part of these reports is the atrocities against Germans.

Two hundred years later, in the year 1600’s “The Acta Diurna (actions of the day), written on a tablet, was posted on a wall after each meeting of the senate.” This is taken from the book “Introduction to Mass communication” by Baran, Stanley. That happened during Caesar’s time where Rome had a newspaper in the early 1600 but twenty years later, during the 17th century Europe; Corantos, a one-page news regarding certain events was printed and shifted to England by booksellers from Britain who were so passive to fulfill the public demands about Continental happenings that relatively led us to what we refer now as Thirty Years’ War. Here’s a picture of one of the earliest English Corantos page. It was acquired from this site, “”

Meanwhile, in America the first broadsheet was in Boston which came seventy years later in the year 1690’s, designated as Publick Occurences. The newspaper had envisioned to be issued once a month but the issues stopped at the same year on September 25th due to some illegality. In our Continental, Malaysia:

According to “Malaysia Press” the very first newspaper in Malaysia is entitled the Prince of Wales Island Gazette. (Picture located down below, copyrighted from the “Malaysia Press” online). It has begun during the reign of the British colonies in Penang in the year 1805! Initially, the Malay...

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