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Narratives: 1- 3

Air-conditioning system by using steam.


HVAC - Bone Marrow Transplant Unit


Conventional Direct Pumping Systems Vs. Variable Flow Pumping Systems

All the statements and facts mentioned in this report are true to the best of my knowledge and I have made claims of acquired competencies in good faith. This project report is written in my own words and is a true representation of my personal competence in the field of Mechanical Engineering and written English. I confirm that I understand that members of the engineering team in Australia are required to display a commitment to exercise professional and ethical responsibility in all aspects of their work.

Name: Peter Daniel Joseph

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Narratives: 1
Airconditioning system by using steam.
CE.1.1 Christian Medical College Hospital – Vellore is one of the reputed medical institutions in India. It caters to more
than 5000 out patients and 2000 in patients per
day. This 2000 bedded hospital has celebrated
the centenary in 2000. It was a great privilege
to work in this reputed institution as an
Associate superintendent Engineer to Head
HVAC department.
CE.1.2 In 2006, CMC management has brought
out the new thought of “Revamping the CMC hospitals”. I was part of the team to give suggestion for improving the general services as well as HVAC systems.
C.E. 1.3. During the revamping meeting, Administration decided to shift the laundry outside so that more spaces can be created for Operation theatres and ICU’S. Due to this, the steam consumption will come down because laundry consumes more steam that the other services like Dietary, Auto clave, CSSD so the boiler will run in 50% of the load. It was not economical.

At this juncture, I intervened and proposed for steam produced airconditioning systems which will reduce the capital cost of purchasing additional transformer and generator. These suggestion appealed to everyone. Moreover CMC was not in a position to augment the electricity demand from 4MVA to 5MVA due to the conversion of incoming HT supply from 11kV to 33kV and also space constrain.

C.E. 1.4. Director appreciated me for giving suggestion at the critical situations. The management approved and requested me to present the paper regarding this.

The chart below represents the team structure for this project and

my role in it.

Assoc Director


General Supt.
(Engineering Services)

Assoc Director

Associate Superintendent (HVAC)

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CE.1.6 My duties & responsibilities
• I designed the whole system with the help of boiler engineers. • I prepared the drawings / coordination drawings for submitting to the General supt. for approval.
• I derived the Bill of quantities and calculate the CMC rate. • I prepared the tender documents and circulated the same to selected contractors.
• I opened the tender and tabulated the technical specification and cost to analyses clearly.
• I called the lowest quotation contractor for negotiations. • I finalized the order with help of Higher authorities and issue the order to the selected one.
• I checked the HVAC time schedule with other contractors work to avoid any overlapping.
• Reporting the developments of the project to the General Superintendent and Director.
• Execution of the work under direct supervision.
C.E. 1.7 First, I studied the present central air conditioning unit and chilled water connection.
Secondly, I checked the space for installing the machine near to the boiler. Thirdly, I inspected the place for installing cooling tower and pumps. Fourthly, I studied the possibility of incorporating the unit to the present chilled water system so that it can be used as a standby for other reciprocating unit. C.E. 1.8. Following are the observations in the old system....
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