Automotive Engineer

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What is the title of the job?
Advance Auto Parts Monster Truck Mechanic
What are the duties, responsibilities, and common work activities? They use engineering principles to develop more effective parts for their teams’ monster trucks. What is the working environment, including conditions, setting, and geographic locations? M.J. Stadium, Arena, The Pits, and a garage as well as an office computer desk when they are developing new products on programs like Inventor among other softwares. Is this career very specialized or is it very general with many options for specialization?

The frame, the engine, the Horse Power, etc is specified by the Competion Rule Book. But all the other stuff is generailezed where you make it the way you want it. To be successful in this field you need to know all generialed subjects not just engineering. What are the normal education or training requirements of this career? You would need to earn a 4 year, bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Good Leadership skills, Strong maths skills, good knowledge of Physics, Maths and science. What percentage of people who receive degrees or certification in this field find employment in this field?

4 out of every 5 persons.
What are considered the best places to receive education or training in this field?
Stanford University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, University of California--Berkeley, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Michigan Technological University What are the requirements for admission to a program of study at one of the top schools for this field?

Membership in the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA)
Commercial Driver's License Program (CDL/CDLIS)

What are the specific course requirements for a degree or certification in this field?
be 18 or older and a high school diploma

What opportunities exist for internships while preparing for a degree or...
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