meat and Maggots

Topics: Science, Hypothesis, Theory Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: December 22, 2013
Meat and Maggots
Joanne Lorenz
SC1130: Week 1 Exploring the Scientific Method
April 14, 2013
Dustin Childress

Meat and Maggots
This week we were asked to attempt a scientific experiment, I attempted to observe 2 jars, in each jar I put a piece of meat. On one of the jars I placed a stopper and on the other I left it open so that the air can get to the meat. I then watched for 3 days to see what happens. The question that I was trying to find out is do fly’s contribute to maggots forming on meat, if meat is exposed to the air and not covered do maggots develop? As I watched the meat I found that the meat that is exposed to the air has been in contact with flies and maggots are forming in the meat. The meat that has been covered is still rotting because of the temp in the room but it is not forming maggots. What I think has happened is that as the fly’s come in contact with the meat they cause the maggots for form in the meat. After the meat was out for 3 days the experiment showed that the meat that was exposed to the fly’s and to the air has maggots. The conclusion is that if meat is uncovered and exposed to the air and has been in contact with fly’s that it developed maggots which concludes that the fly’s laid eggs on the rotting meat and caused the maggots.
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