Meaning of Life and Oakland

Topics: Meaning of life, Popping, Key System Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

“Oakland Dance Form Goes Global with Viral Clips”, 16 February 2011. Web

“Oakland Dance Form Goes Global with Viral Clips” is a news article that explains Turf Dancing and gives an in depth meaning from young adults in Oakland of what it means to them. KTVU, which is a major news channel in the bay area talked with a few young adults about the violence in Oakland. Newscasters spoke with them on February 18, 2011 and their overall focus of this article was to explain that Turfing is more than a dance; it tells a story. This is relative to my essay because it gives a view of how violence affects them and how they express their feelings.

“Oakland North” Web

Oakland North digs deep into the analysis of Oakland Crime. It expands from the demographics, the regional and cultural differences. This article was written to give the mayors point of view and to also explain the mayors’ point of view. They say this ranking is meaningless. I chose this to show that Oakland, and people from Oakland have their own swagger; their own way of living.

“Oakland Ranks 5th in Crime Nationwide” 24 November 2008. Web

Oakland is relatively a small city, compared to others. Oakland is ranked the fifth most dangerous crime cities in the United States. This article was issued on November 24th, 2008 and acknowledges how bad Oakland is but explains how Oakland is moving in the right direction and provides an in depth explanation of the Statistics of Oakland. This data will be significant because I will use this this to explain the violence in Oakland and explain how this is the reason why others stereotype people in Oakland.

“50 participants in the state of Louisiana.” Interview.
I plan to do a survey on 50 people that are not from Oakland. I plan to randomly meet 50 people and have a conversation with them. My point is to observe the reactions of the participants when I tell them I am from Oakland. I will...
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