Meaning of Being Educated

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The Meaning of Being an Educated Person
Being educated is one of the most important attribute a person can have. However, there is a difference between being educated from experience and being educated from readings and schoolwork. Though being knowledgeable through experience allows a person to be thought of as well-rounded, the basics of his or her own rights and abilities are often overlooked. Not too many people can recite all of their rights and capabilities and be able to explain them to an outsider. The American legal system is increasingly important with the constant changes in what is acceptable to our society. Being well-educated in the rights of one’s country allows for a citizen to become more involved and in turn, appreciate his or her country.

An exact definition of educated would be termed as “having an education or having knowledge based from fact”, according to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To become educated, a person enters and may commit to a continuous process. Education is a process of gaining knowledge through self-examination and will, interactions with peers or elders, pure experience. One can even say that a person is educated through instinct alone. However, instinct alone cannot suffice if one wishes to enter the job force and rise in society. There is also a responsibility that comes along with gaining education. With the acquiring of knowledge there is the choice to use it to one’s advantage or to keep it to oneself. Education is variable. One can be more educated in law than another, and one can be more educated in music than another. How educated a person is is dependent on how much they want to learn about a subject. Not every piece of knowledge about the American government is handed to each citizen. Though many do not seek further education beyond high school, the resources are there for the use of learning and practicing one’s freedom. An example of a well-educated person in terms of an American’s rights...

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