Mcdonalds Innovation Ideas

Topics: Customer service, Nutrition, Customer Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The McDonald’s corporation is one of the most known brands around the world. McDonald's has built its success around a formula of providing a range of standardized high quality products quickly and reasonably priced. Today, many people live busy lives and place great importance on convenience when buying and paying for goods and services. Modern, quick service products such as drive-in car washes, smart phones and fast meals attract this market. For many people, this emphasis on instant service is a winning formula, particularly for younger people and young families. However, modern consumers of all ages are seeking experiences that are more individualized than in the past. McDonald's needs to develop new concepts and products that will provide a more personal experience, while still giving excellent value to their customers.

McDonald’s is a traditional restaurant that has become a household name. People expect the same food and great service from McDonald’s anywhere they go, however, the brand does not stand out among the many restaurants out there with new products or services. There are a few things that I believe McDonalds would benefit greatly from if they pursued it. One of the big things they need to do is focus on healthy options for their customers. Yes, they are doing a better job at this, but not enough. Many fast-food customers will not go to McDonalds anymore because it has become viral that many of their food options are full of several unhealthy ingredients including artificial flavors, GMOs, and the cows come from concentrated agricultural feeding operations which is bad for the animals and the environment. Many people have become more conscious about what goes into their food, and how restaurants make their food. McDonald’s would have to make a true investment in changing the way they make their food and marketing their changes to health conscious consumers. I am a big fan of Chipotle (formerly owned by McDonalds) not only because it tastes...
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