Mcdonald's Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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McDonalds Corporation is a fast food restaurant chain with over 36,000 restaurants serving more than 70 million customers in over 120 countries each day. 85% of the restaurants worldwide are independently owned and operated by local business men and women. It began in 1940 when Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonalds Bar-B-Q in San Bernardino, California. In 1948, the restaurant was remodeled to provide walk-up self-service and a 15 cent hamburger was added to the menu. The now famous French fries were added one year later. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first franchised restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois which included the soon to be famous Golden Arches. In 1961, McDonalds opened its Hamburger University to train employees in restaurant management. The graduates receive a Bachelor of Hamburgerology degree. The first McDonalds public stock offering was introduced in 1965 at $22.50 per share. In 1966, McDonalds aired its first television commercial with Ronald McDonald on...

In creating the plan, McDonalds collaborated with those most affected by its business operations. The plan calls for the implementation of sustainable sourcing from verified sustainable suppliers for is food purchases. The packaging materials would be 100% purchased from certified recycling suppliers. In nine of its top markets, McDonalds would begin serving 100% more fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy or whole grains. Restaurant recycling efforts would increase to 50% and waste reduction would begin in nine of its top markets. McDonalds would begin updating equipment in 20% of the company-owned restaurants to reduce energy consumption in seven of its top markets (McDonalds Corporation, 2018, 2020 Corporate...
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