Corporate Social Responability: Mcdonalds

Topics: McDonald's, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Basketball Pages: 7 (2174 words) Published: July 15, 2013

To: Roger Eaton (CEO of KFC)
From: Caitlin Sarian
Priority: High
Date: 2/6/2013
Re: McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility
I. Introduction
Corporate Social Responsibility is something that is difficult to define. After an extensive amount of research, a consensus definition is: Corporate Social Responsibility is how corporations manage their business processes to produce a positive impact on their employees, society and environmental issues.

From this definition I will explain how McDonald’s handles and views Corporate Social Responsibility. By examining its leadership, one can see just how much McDonald’s gives back and positively impacts society around it. There are several primary ways McDonalds does this: the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Camp Mickey D’s, and The All American Basketball Game. These will be further discussed in the memo. Looking at the ways McDonald’s gives back to society, one can also see how McDonald’s gives back to its employees as well. Throughout this memo I will examine both the positives and negatives of CSR that McDonald’s has encountered. II. Facts

* Ronald McDonald House Charity
* Camp Mickey D’s
* All American Basketball League
Ronald McDonald House Charity
One of McDonald’s’ major impacts on society is the Ronald McDonald house. The McDonalds websites states that the Ronald McDonald House is a way of “helping millions of parents stay by their sick child’s side” (Making s Difference, One Family at a Time). They go on to explain that the Ronald McDonald house is McDonald’s’ charity of choice. To make sure McDonald’s actually contributes to the Ronald McDonald House and isn’t just using it as a front for their CSR campaign, I conducted a lot of research. I found that McDonald’s actually does contributes a lot to the Ronald McDonald House.

The house first started “when a Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Fred Hill’s, 3-year old daughter, was being treated for Leukemia” (History). For three years, Fred and his wife spent every night sleeping in the hospital’s waiting room to be close to their daughter. Because of this, his neighbor, Jim, started a charity called “Eagles Fly for Leukemia” (History). Later, Jim helped and recruited Don, who worked for McDonald’s’ advertising agency. They then came up with the idea of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, which was a fundraiser that helped raise enough money to buy Fred and his wife a house next to the hospital where his daughter was (History). From all the articles I have read, the Ronald McDonald House has been expanding immensely. As of 2001, the Ronald McDonald House has over “171 local chapters currently serving in 43 countries” (Ronald McDonald House Program Expands to Japan). However, this article never said anything about how large each chapter is or the total number of people that the Ronald McDonald houses can serve. Through more research I discovered that “last year it [the Ronald McDonald House] had to turn away 356 families” who were in town for their children’s treatment (Daniel). However, the article later expressed that because of this issue, the Ronald McDonald house would be expanding that Chapter.

On top of all of this, The Ronald McDonald House Charities also have the Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles. The Care Mobiles focus on “the treatment of pediatric cancer in Poland, to ophthalmology in Thailand and immunizations in New Orleans” (Ronald McDonald House Charities). An article explains that a “Ronald McDonald Care Mobile …provides medical and dental care to uninsured or underinsured children from birth to age 18” (BRIEF: Ronald McDonald Care Mobile to visit). In two years, over 154,000 kids by their Care Mobiles (Americas 100 Best Charities) Camp Mickey D’s

McDonald’s likes to tell people that not only do they help people, but they inspire them as well. One way McDonald’s claims it inspires people is through a program called Camp Mickey D’s. Camp Mickey D’s is an “innovative...
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