Mayo Clinic Research Objectives

Topics: Marketing, Qualitative research, Research Pages: 6 (2113 words) Published: February 12, 2011
1.Define the research problem and establish research objectives.

Gather the relevant data from secondary or primary sources, or both. Information is the key component in developing successful international marketing strategies for Mayo Clinic in various countries. Mayo’s International Marketing Department should analyze available secondary information as a useful first step. Information required ranges from the general statistical data to understand target market’s preferences in the healthcare industry to specific market information about media and other efficient means of delivering information to the target market for decisions about promotion. To find out which countries value the US health care highly and where Mayo Clinic services may have a competitive advantage over local ones we should conduct a multicultural research. It involves countries with different languages, economies, social structures, behavior, and attitude patterns towards taking care of their health. There are many studies conducted and statistical documents available online for the secondary dada research. These data are more widely available because they are commonly reported by the United Nations and other international agencies. Once approximations for health trends and preferences are established, Mayo will have more understanding of what additional primary research is needed. General secondary information needed:

Economic and demographic. General data on growth in the healthcare industry, as well as the technology levels of development; analysis of stability of economies; and key economic indicators for the United States and major foreign countries, as well as population trends, such as migration, immigration, and aging. Cultural, sociological, and political climate. A general noneconomic review of conditions affecting the division’s business. In addition to the more obvious subjects, it covers ecology, safety, and leisure time and their potential impacts on the division’s business. 4 3. Overview of market conditions. A detailed analysis of market conditions that the division faces, by market segment, 5 including international. 4. Summary of the technological environment. A summary of the state- of- the-art technology as it relates to the division’s business, carefully broken down by product segments. 5. Competitive situation. A review of competitors’ sales revenues, methods of market segmentation, products, and apparent strategies on an international scope.

For example, demand in Mexico and Latin America is coming primarily for treatment of infectious and digestive diseases and cancer. Demand from the Middle East stems more from genetic diseases, heart diseases, cancer, and asthma. From Asia, wealthy patients are coming mainly to California for treatment of cancer and coronary diseases. Europeans travel to the United States for menal illness services, cancer and heart disease, and AIDS treatments. Given that Japan has the world’s best success rate for treating stomach cancer, one would forecast that to be a growth sector in the future. But perhaps the strangest market to forecast is global war wounded. For example, Johns Hopkins contracted to replace limbs for soldiers involved in a border clash between Ecuador and Peru at $ 35,000 per patient. The description in The Wall Street Journal article might have been a bit overzealous: “ There are wars all over the world, bombs all over the world. Casualty patients are a new and enriching market niche.” Sources: “ U. S. Hospitals Attracting Patients from Abroad,” USA Today, July 22, 1997, p. 1A; Ron Hammerle, “ Healthcare Becoming a Lot Less Local,” Modern Healthcare, March 20, 2000, p. 40; Pamela Fayerman, “ Risk of Blood Clots Jumps with Travel for Surgery,” National Post ( CanWest News Service), June 30, 2005, p. A8. When designing multicultural studies, it is essential that these differences be taken into account. 37 An important point to keep in mind when designing research...
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