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As a global leader in toy manufacturing and marketing, Mattel faces a number of potential threats to its ongoing operations. Like most firms that market products for children, Mattel is ever mindful of its social and ethical obligations and the target on its corporate back. This case summarizes many of the challenges that Mattel has faced over the past decade, including tough competition, changing consumer preferences and lifestyles, lawsuits, product liability issues, global sourcing, and declining sales. Mattel’s social responsibility imperative is discussed along with the company’s reactions to its challenges and its prospects for the future. Abstract

It all started in a California garage workshop when Ruth and Elliot Handler and Matt Matson founded Mattel in 1945. The company started out making picture frames, but the founders soon recognized the profitability of the toy industry and switched their emphasis. Mattel became a publicly owned company in 1960, with sales exceeding $100 million by 1965. Over the next 40 years, Mattel went on to become the world’s largest toy company in terms of revenue. Today, Mattel Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of family products. Well-known for toy brands such as Barbie, Fisher-Price, Disney, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tyco, Cabbage Patch Kids, and board games such as Scrabble, the company boasts nearly $6 billion in annual revenue. The Analysis and its Significance

SWOT Analysis is a tool to develop strategies to remain competitive and evaluating the current status of the company. The analysis promotes critical and specific thinking to enhance strategic plans and objectives. It serves as guide to companies concerning the areas that needs further improvement. This SWOT Analysis is primarily significant to the following: Mattel in overcoming their marketing and manufacturing challenges. By identifying these four factors, Mattel will be able to produce new strategies to improve its...
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