Math Is a Monster

Topics: High school, Mathematics education, Second grade Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Math is a monster! Mathematics is the subject which is commonly hated by almost all students. (mostly high school and college dudes). Nowadays, mathematics is almost always taken for granted. Most students hate mathematics because math twist brains; it needs great thinking or most specially logic; it is a though and confusing subject! ; and most of all Mathematics will surely drop the grades of students who hate it.!

But for me, I’m gonna turn things upside down.! I mean , I Love Math- though I’m not really that good at it. I love math because I am very interested in this subject. For me, math is a weapon, it is an instrument of the every days of our everyday.

Here is for the students who hate math most. :
We cannot escape math because simply counting your friends is math; or even telling what time it is is already math. We need math.

I say this because we use math in our everyday, and we are gonna use it whether we like it or not. :)

I admire the subject mathematics for one BIG reason,
and here is how my math story goes:

Almost all my relatives especially my parents told me that I am gifted-I am simply wise. My parents told me that I used to sing at an early age, namely-1 year old. At the age of 1 year old , they told me that I can already count 1 – 100. They told me that I could easily name my aunts and uncles and never failed calling their names clearly. I inherited these traits or should I say gifts from my father. I used to be my father! ; I was mostly like his carbon copy on his high school days.

My father is a math maniac! He’s like a living calculator, he computes so fast but still accurate. I admire him as how I admired mathematics.

Early first grade; we used to tackle multiplication here at BSU, and often times my father gets angry teaching me. I always failed in memorizing the multiplication table from nos. 1 – 12. But can you blame a 6 year old boy.?

One morning – it was a Friday. My service is waiting outside and I...
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