Master of Ceremony

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MC Script
[2:15 pm]
Eloise: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Chestnut Drive Secondary School. Thank you for gracing our school’s 2nd Students Leaders’ Investiture. My name is Eloise  
Fatullah: and I am Fatullah. We would be your MCs for this afternoon’s ceremony. Today’s program sequence is reflected in the program sheet. If you do not have a copy of the program sheet, you can raise your hands and our Peer Support Leaders will hand you a copy. [pause to allow PSLs to give copies to guests who do not have program sheet]  

During the ceremony, we would request the audience to stand when the Guest of Honour arrives and at the singing of the School song.  
Eloise: The ceremony would be starting shortly. We would appreciate it if you could kindly switch your mobile phones to silent mode. Thank you.  
[2:25 pm]
[Diyanah signals NCC contingent commander to get ready. Diyanah signals to MCs that Guard of Honour is ready.]  
Fatullah: Ladies and Gentlemen, please join our hands together to welcome our Guard of Honour, the NCC contingent.  
[NCC contingent marches in. Stand in position. Commander to bring contingent at-ease]  
[Ashwini waits for GOH at foyer and escorts him up to the hall entrance when he arrives.]  
[2:30 pm]
[Diyanah signals to MCs that GOH has arrived. Student Councilors and Student Leaders are ready to enter hall]  
Eloise: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, our Student Councilors and Student Leaders.  
[NCC Contingent commander brings contingent at attention. AVA plays grand entrance music. Sec 1 Student Councilor enters the school hall when they hear the music.]  
Our Secondary 1 and 2 junior Student Councilors. [pause]
Our Secondary 3 and 4 senior Student Councilors. [pause]
Our Student Leaders from the Uniform Groups and Band. [pause]  
The Exco’s and Vice Presidents of our Student Council. [pause]  
[Student Councilors and Student Leaders will walk up to the stage steps]  
The Presidents of our Student Council.
[Music stops. Presidents will wait at the top of the Guard of Honour to welcome GOH]  
[small pause]
Fatullah: Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and let us welcome our Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Tony Wong - Jensen.  
[NCC Contingent commander gives command for Contingent to salute. SC Presidents to guide GOH, P and VP to their seats. NCC contingent commander gives command to ease salute.]  
Fatullah: Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain standing for our school song.  
[Flag bearer marches to centre of aisle, hoists up the school flag. Commander gives command for all to stand at-attention. AVA plays the school song. School song ended.]  
Fatullah: Please be seated.
[NCC will march out once the audience has seated. Contingent commander gives command for Contingent to dismiss from hall. Student Leaders on stage will disperse orderly to their seats.]  
Eloise: A very good afternoon and may I extend a warm welcome to our Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Tony Wong - Jensen, our Principal, Mr. Teoh Teik Hoe, our Vice Principal, Mr. Mohammad Nasim, distinguished guests and everyone present. We want to thank you for being here to celebrate this occasion together with us.  

Today we celebrate the investiture of our new Student Councilors. We would also like to thank our graduating student leaders in the Student Council, Uniform Groups and Band for their contributions to the school.  

Fatullah: The theme of today’s ceremony is Thinker · Inspirer · Servant. This is also the motto of our school’s Student Council. The student leaders of our school aspire to develop these qualities in our lives. You would hear more about this from our Student Council Presidents later.  

It is now my pleasure to call upon our Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Tony Wong - Jensen, up on stage to deliver his speech. [Ashwini and Diyanah escort GOH on stage. They advice GOH that he is requested to stay on stage to present certificates to the graduating school leaders after his...
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