Mass Media and Popular Culture Paper

Topics: Popular culture, Globalization, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: September 12, 2010
Mass Media and Popular Culture Paper

There is definitely an impact of the mass media on enculturation, a process by which one learns about the culture surrounding them and then accepts it as a norm. In other words a person brought up in a certain part of town in which is dominated by a certain culture and in order to fit in whether you deliberately or unintentionally start acting, talking, dressing and accepting it as normal for you would be enculturation. The mass media influences targeted cultures by television, radio, music, advertising, etc. Our children pick up everything around them. As a young person, they pick up on what their parents and siblings do and when they get into school, they will pick up culture from their peers. For instance, back in the 70’s, society was still predominately segregated. If you lived in a predominately white area and you were of a different culture or ethnicity and grew up with this culture, you ended up acting and growing up learning that culture and thinking it as being the norm. Of course, when you came into a big city , it was surprising to still see so much segregation and being made fun of for being different. Now days, because there is so much diversity and the mass media, all races end up listening to the same songs, watching the same movies and seeing the same movie stars. One is clearly socialized into popular culture through the media, films, fashion, dance, etc. Socialization makes up a big part of enculturation. As generation change so does the mass media in forming our children. They do listen to the media whether we believe it or not. Whether, it is a teacher, news, friends, etc., children listen to media and probably have more access than we as adults. Since the beginning of mass marketing on television, it has started to slowly influence the normative culture values of today. Television has been considered to be the best way to reach the mass audiences by trying to reach out to each individual and their...
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