Mary Parker Follett

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In this essay I will explain Mary Parker Follett’s main contributions to management thought and practice. For the purposes of this assignment I have selected three. Her work on organisations as operating communities. Her belief that a manager’s job is to help people in the organisation work together. Finally her theory on groups as a mechanism through which individuals can combine their talents for the greater good. Then I will define classical management theory and practice. Then I will establish the connection and relate the two. Then I will show how those main contributions of Mary Parker Follett’s are relevant to managers in contemporary organisations along with examples.

Before I relate Mary Parker Follett’s main contributions to management thought and practice and classical management theory, I must first explain classical management theory.

Classical management theory is best broken down into three parts, Scientific management, Administrative principles and Bureaucratic organisations. Scientific management “emphasises careful selection and training of workers, and supervisory support. “ (Schermerhorn, 2011) Administrative principles identifies the five rules or duties of management and Bureaucratic organisations “A bureaucracy is a rational and efficient form of organisation founded on logic, order and legitimate authority.” Schermerhorn et al.

According to Frederick W Taylor Scientific management is “the principle object of management should be to secure maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with maximum prosperity for the employee” (Frederick W Taylor, The Principles of Scientific Management, New York: W. W. Norton, 1967). He includes four guidelines for these principles, namely to develop a standard work procedure for every job with the right working conditions, that you have to select the right person for the right job, you have to properly train those workers according to the work they do and that they have the right incentive to do...
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