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Topics: Management, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Mary Parker Follet defined management as ‘the art of getting things done through people.’ This means that managers use their employees to perform tasks which will help achieve organisational goals without themselves performing the tasks that are managers and subordinates should fully collaborate. The management in all business and organisational activities comprises of planning, organizing, leading and controlling for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. And Mary Parker Follet is saying the subordinates should be involved in the process of management as it helps in obtaining the organizational goals. Subordinates can be involved in part of management through delegation. Delegation is the act of assigning formal authority and responsibility for completion of specific activities to a subordinate (James A Stoner and Charles Wankel 1986). This makes them feel as part and parcel of the organisation as they would be given the authority to make any decision on the spot. Delegation causes subordinates to accept responsibility and exercise judgement thus it helps train subordinates and improves their self-confidence and willingness to take initiative. And also on the part of managers, their duties will be reduced as they would have delegated some of their duties to the subordinates. In general, delegation saves money and time as decision making is done quickly, help in building skills and motivate people. However, managers may be reluctant to delegate as they fear a loss of power if the subordinate does too good at the work that the he has been assigned to do. Also the managers are accountable for the actions of the subordinates that is if the subordinate makes mistakes the credit is given back to the delegator thus managers are reluctant to delegate as they do not want to take those chances. Thus delegation supports Mary Parker Follet’s definition as organisational goals can be met through delegation to some extent. The delegation authourity by individual managers...

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