Martin Brass Case Analysis

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Martin Brass Company

Unless Tom Fuller, Vice President of Manufacturing for Martin Brass, can not quickly find an answer for the conflict brewing between Harry Smith and Jim Jones, the whole department will not only fall behind schedule, but they will also lose synergy within the company. The most acceptable undersired outcome would be that if Jim Jones does have to leave the company, he does so in good terms because of his business brought to the company from the local school board. The management decision variable would be to have both Jim Jones and Harry Smith work out their differences and begin a new relationship in which both employees feel comfortable and happy, this also includes them both working more efficiently, effectively, and professionally with each other.

Tom Fuller has been placed in the difficult situation in handling the ongoing dispute between two of his employees, Harry Smith and Jim Jones. Harry Smith (Supervisor of the Maintenance Department) is the boss of Jim Jones (Foreman of the Maintenance Department). Jim Jones is a hardworking employee who has been in the organization for 19 years, his problem with Harry is that he feels that he has been abused and humiliated by Harry. Harry has screamed at him in front of other employees and has had Jim’s employees come directly to himself for some small issues that should have went through Jim. This of course throws off the synergy through the whole department, and when Harry embarrasses Jim by yelling at him in front of the whole department, Jim feels that it is very difficult to maintain discipline around the workplace. Jim quoted that, “I just can’t stand it any longer. The man wont give me any latitude at all. He wont let me think for myself. Everything I do is wrong”. Although Jim wants to stay at Martin Brass, if things do not shape up he will find another job where his contribution will be more appreciated. Jim wants Harry to appreciate and respect the work that he does as chairman of...
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