Marriott Automated Reservation System For Hotel Accommodations

Topics: Marketing, Computer reservations system, Indian reservation Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: January 21, 2015

Marriott Automated Reservation System for Hotel Accommodations (MAR­SHA) with state-of-the-art technologies, including open systems architecture and networking, high-performance storage management and business continuity capabilities. To fully utilize these capabilities, Marriott integrated MARSHAwith all of the company’s key business applica­tions and made its entire inventory available as a single image in real-time across all channels. This seamless multi-brand, multi-channel integration enables Marriott to offer its Look No Fur­ther® Best Rate Guarantee – the lodging industry’s only truly worldwide rate guarantee – stating that Marriott guests will always get the lowest available rate when booking through any Marriott channel. Marriott also ensured that MARSHA’s real-time requirements could scale easily to meet the accelerated needs of Internet-enabled sales channels, which were presenting the company with look-to-book ratios of 100-to-1 or greater. By comparison, traditional reservation center chan­nels and global distribution systems had presented Marriott with look-to-book ratios of only 5-to-1 and 10-to-1, respectively. With MARSHA’s core technology functioning effectively by the early 2000s, Marriott took its reservations and marketing strategy a step further by developing an infrastructure roadmap to support Marriott’s overall eCommerce objectives. Anticipating the Internet boom, Marriott was one of the first lodging companies to commit to enabling customers to conduct significant business online. In 2003, Marriott successfully completed an aggressive 11-month upgrade to its entire Internet technology architecture and operating environment, expanding’s scale, scope and functionality to enable rapid responses to changing business needs. Marriott’s online enhancements provided leading-edge personalization and a robust shopping experience for online visitors, combined with better analytical and marketing capabilities to help Marriott...
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