Marriott Company History

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DATE: October 23, 2010

SUBJECT: Marriott Company

The purpose of this report is to give a general overview of Marriott International Inc. as the place which offers great career opportunities and benefits. Marriott International Inc. is one of the most respectable corporations in the United States. In considering potential companies to work for, Marriott is a top choice for many reasons. My research involved all aspects, thus making the report objective and informational. Marriott provides the highest quality of service in the hotel industry, constantly improving and innovating products. Also, it is one of the best work places according to Fortune 500. Marriott is a global player and stands to benefit from the hospitality industry for some time to come.

Company History

J.W. Marriott began his business in Washington D.C. in 1927 with a small store appropriately named “The Hot Shoppe.” Shop sales grew and new ideas continued to rapidly expand existing business. Mexican food and soda were added as new products in the shop, thereafter increasing Marriott’s customer base. Later, Marriott again broadened its business line-up; this time with an airline catering business and cafeterias, which at the time radically transformed the way lodging companies fed their customers (Olivera Sijakovic, front desk representative 2011).

Some of the earliest challenges Marriott faced were in regards to product offerings. J.W Marriott decided rather quickly he needed to branch into all pertinent arenas within the restaurant and hospitality industry. This ideal would eventually propel his company to be a national leader in the airline catering business (Olivera Sijakovic, front desk representative 2011).

One of the factors which helped Marriott’s growth from the beginning was its knack of aggressively expanding into related business ventures, thus dominating markets and creating effective monopolies. One of the key events in...
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