Marriage Problems

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Divorce can be the result of one or many factors. Looking around we would find that there are some common factors that lead to divorce. One of the major reasons of divorce is financial hardship. Couples that get married without planning for future or without taking into consideration the practicability often land up facing financial crisis. On the other hand if both husband and wife have full time jobs then they would have very little time for bounding with each other, or children and it is therefore may result into divorce. Neighborhood and education also plays an important role in marriage stability and divorce rates. Low income families experience divorce far more frequently than those of higher income. After marriage the expectations increase and if these expectations are not fulfilled timely or overlooked then it might result into increase in stress and frustration that might result into divorce. Unsatisfied or unhappy couples have seen to have lack of commitment with each other that generally results into having extra marital affairs that is another reason for divorce. Nearly everyone whom we come across today has been divorced or has some close friends or family members who are divorced.

People whose marriages fail but who did corporate with the differences between one another and separated peacefully are the ones who avoided destructive behaviors after marriage and worked towards giving a better future to their children. At this stage we can introduce another point of collaborative divorce; wherein couples can negotiate with the team of lawyers or financial advisors to reach to a settlement. Even children also can be made to meet psychotherapist who could work for their best interests. A planned separation that is communicated properly to the children by both the parents increases the acceptance amongst children.

Marriage Problems
The topic that affects everyone directly or indirectly, discussed or not discussed or may be the feelings that are...
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