Marriage in America Today

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Writing Assignment #3
Argument/Persuasive Paper

Directions: Choose and respond to one of the following writing prompts. You must focus on only one side of the issue. Be sure that your paragraph includes the following items:


* strong topic sentence that clearly identifies the topic and the opinion you’re expressing

* 3 major details that support the topic sentence

* at least 3 minor details that give specific reasons or examples to support each major detail

* strong conclusion

* Keep to the topic. All sentences must be about the topic or detail.


*grammatically correct writing

*correct spelling

*format: typed and double-spaced
12 point, easy-to-read font
name and class information in upper left corner

*avoid first and second person (no “I”, “you” and “me”)

*paper should be between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 pages in length

Paper includes a strong topic sentence that clearly expresses an opinion of the topic. 5 pts. Paper provides three major detail sentences that adequately support the topic. 10 pts. Major details are adequately supported by minor details. 20 pts. Paper includes a strong conclusion. 5 pts. Paper is the correct length. It should be 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pages. 5 pts. Paper contains few grammar errors. 5 pts. Paper contains few spelling errors. 5 pts. Paper avoids 1st and 2nd person (no “I”, “you”, “me”) 5 pts. Total: 60 pts. Fred Frank

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