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KASBIT Business Journal, 1(1):28-35 (Fall 2008)

Advertising Styles’ Impact on Attention in Pakistan
Syed Karamatullah Hussainy*, Kashif Riaz**, Abdul Kabeer Kazi*** and Gobind M. Herani****

The topic was selected after giving consideration to the modern environment and the use of media by advertisers for attention purposes of their products. It was also observed that the number of channels especially in the electronic media have also geometrically increased over the last two decades. It is now becoming difficult for advertisers to get the attention of their products in the minds of their viewers. The methodology used in the research was focus group and ads of different products were shown to them which included humorous and serious appeals. As the literature review revealed that these two types of appeals have significant difference when measuring attention between humorous and serious advertisements. At the end of the research it was established that there is a significant difference between the attention of humorous and serious appeals. Initially the idea was taken form a research conducted in Sweden. Same parameters were analyzed in Pakistan. We concluded that the reaction of two different societies have almost the same response for humorous and serious advertising appeals. JEL. Classification: M30; M31; M37 Key words: Humorous Appeals, Serious Appeals, Attention 1. INTRODUCTION

The material presented by the authors does not necessarily represent the viewpoint of editors and the management of the KASBIT as well as the authors’ institute * Syed Karamatullah Hussainy, Assistant Professor, Khadam Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), Karachi, Email: **Academic Administrator, Khadam Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), Karachi, Email: ***Assistant Professor, Khadam Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), Karachi, Email: * * * * R e s e a r c h A n a l y s t , K h a d a m A l i S h a h B u k h a r i I n s t i t u t e o f Te c h n o l o g y ( K A S B I T ) , K a r a c h i ,; Acknowledgements: Authors would like to thank the editors and anonymous referees for their comments and insight in improving the draft copy of this article. Authors furthur would like to declare that this manuscript is original and has not previously been published, and that it is not currently on offer to another publisher; and also transfer copy rights to the publisher of this journal. Recieved: 10-09-2008; Revised : 05-10-2008; Accepted: 26-12-2008; Published: 31-12-2008

Advertising Styles' Impact on Attention in Pakistan


By S.K. Hussainy, K. Riaz, A. K. Kazi and G.M. Herani

KASBIT Business Journal, 1(1):28-35 (Fall 2008)

The evolution of advertisement dates back into the ancient times. Societies have used symbols, criers and pictorial signs to attract product users. Over centuries these elements were used for promoting products. Definitely in the early ages they were handmade and were produced at limited scale. In the mid 14th century Johann Gutenberg in Germany developed the first printing press, which helped advertisers to print handbills at mass scale to be distributed across the country. Later on this phenomenon gained strength and was used more intensively for promotional purposes. Along with the development of society and technology advertising also evolved with time. In September 1888 Kodak printed its advertisement in the news paper. From this point onwards advertising gained momentum and in today’s modern environment no company can dream to communicate its message without use of advertising. Advertisements in today’s modern environment have become one of the major sources of communication between the manufacturer and the user of products. Any company can not dream to be a well known brand...

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Advertising Styles ' Impact on Attention in Pakistan
By S.K. Hussainy, K. Riaz, A. K. Kazi and G.M. Herani
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