Marketing strategy in the tourism industry

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 15 (6743 words) Published: June 29, 2014

Technological Educational Institute of Athens

essay for Tourism Marketing

to prof. Katsoni

“Marketing strategy in the tourism industry”

by Yulia Shmakova

spring semester 2014

The word "strategy" occurred from the Greek strategos, "art of the general". The military origin of this term shouldn't be surprising. strategos allowed Alexander of Macedon to win the world. Value of the strategic behavior allowing firm to survive in competitive fight in long-term prospect, sharply increased in the last decades. All companies in the conditions of the rigid competition, quickly changing situation have to not only concentrate attention on internal state of affairs in the company, but also develop strategy of a long-term survival which would allow them to be in time behind the changes happening in their environment. Strategy represents the detailed comprehensive comprehensive plan, intended to provide implementation of mission of the organization and achievement it is more whole. Formation of strategy is one of management functions which represents process of a choice of the purposes of the organization and ways of their achievement.

Marketing strategy is a strategy of the enterprises focused on market values. Marketing strategy has two main reference points – the market and a product. The subject of a term paper is actual since for many enterprises marketing strategy is the major strategy as it provides validity of a market orientation of the enterprise. The purpose of a term paper consists in a choice of such marketing strategy for the studied organization as a result of which the company will achieve the objects, and will be in time behind the changes happening in its environment. Practice of business showed that there is no strategy, uniform for all companies, as well as there is no uniform universal strategic management. Each firm is unique in own way, and process of elaboration of strategy for each firm is unique as it depends on a firm position in the market, dynamics of its development, its potential, behavior of competitors, characteristics of goods made by it or services rendered by it, state of the economy, the cultural environment and still many other. Certainly, always it is necessary to remember that strategic management — it first of all a product of creativity of the top management, but at the same time it is possible to tell and about a certain theory of the strategic management which knowledge allows to exercise control of the organization more effectively.

1. Kinds of marketing strategy and process of their choice.

1.1 . Definition of strategy and their version.

Company strategy, as a rule, consists of the thought-over purposeful actions and reaction to unforeseen succession of events. The firm defines the long-term actions in relation to the markets, the commodity range, pricing, merchandising and goods advance on the market, develops marketing strategy according to various conditions of demand, forms the global directions of the development. Firms have a big degree of a freedom of choice of strategy. They can diversify the activity in connected or not the connected grew by means of creation of joint ventures, strategic alliances, acquisition of other companies or opening of new activities. Some companies follow strategy of leadership in expenses, others focus attention on various combinations of numerous properties of goods more attractive to clients, and the third choose discussion of special inquiries of a narrow circle of buyers. Further the main marketing strategy which are more often used for organization development will be given.

Marketing strategy — process of planning and realization of various marketing actions, which are subordinated to achievement put before the company (firm, the organization, business structure) is more whole. All variety of strategy which commercial and non-profit...
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