Marketing Strategy

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In a crowded marketplace of ideas, it is important for non-profit organizations to establish a well-defined niche. While most non-profits are not selling products, they are selling their organization's mission, their ideas, their programs, and their services. In a world where everyone is inundated with information, a strong image is the key to community awareness. Developing and maintaining a visible and credible identity through marketing will increase local support for your organization.  Promise or pay operates with that support and recognition will automatically come to a good cause. Unfortunately, this is a false premise. Even the best of programs will fade into obscurity unless non-profit management intentionally makes other groups, associations, businesses, and individuals aware of their mission and continuously maintains that level of awareness. Communication builds understanding and advocates change. 2.0 Target Markets

The ideal customer would be between the ages of 18 and 55 who enjoys sticking on to a promise or would like to donate to charities for a good cause. Promise or Pay as an organization needs to focus on some essential elements for successful marketing that will work to build community awareness and support. Promise or Pay should target groups belonging to

Business communities
Promise or Pay should find out not only who can participate in a good cause, but also who is most likely to take action (donate, volunteer). Consider the following factors the information of the participant can be obtanined. Age Group

Gender (M, F, both)
Location (local, regional, national &/or urban, suburban, rural) Marital/Family Status
Income Level
Education Level
To ascertain a successful marketing plan it is very essential to identify a proper target market. For effective implementation of the 4ps of marketing, selecting the right target market is very important. Price, promotion, place and most...
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