Marketing Strategies Apple in China Mobile Phone Marketi

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|Candidate Name: | |Date of Interview: | | |Interview Start & End Times: | |Notes taken by: | | |Position Title |

Interview Guide – Part One

1. Welcome to {My Company’s Name}.
2. Interview those participating in this interview process. {Names, positions} 3. Explain the Job and the Company:
4. Explain the interview process – how much time is allotted, the review of the resume, the note taking, and the opportunity for the applicant to ask questions.

Interview Questions

Personal and Rapport Building Questions

1. Describe to us what attracted you to this career opportunity? How do you see this role fitting in with your long term career objectives?

2. Walk us through your resume. Tell us about the most important experiences you’ve had that will highlight your fit for the {Job Title} job. (Listen for what will set this candidate apart from other applicants)

Job Specific Questions

1. Describe your experiences with {list the main task from your job description}. What did you see as your strengths? What did you accomplish? How do you think this job will help you improve your skills in this area?

2. Describe your experiences with {list the second most important task from your job description}. Tell us how you decided which work took priority and which tasks could wait a while? How did you make that decision?

3. Describe your experiences with {list the third most important task from your job description}. Tell us how others were affected by your work. Did you work alone or did you work with others? How did you include them?

4. Describe your experiences with {list another task or skills from your job...
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