Marketing Planning Jordan Toothbrushes

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I.Executive summary1
III.Company profile2
IV.Situation analysis3
4.1Situational Environments3
4.1.1Demographic Situation3
4.1.2Economic and Business Conditions3
4.1.3Social and Cultural Factors4
4.1.4Legal/Political Situation5
4.1.5Demand and Demand Trend5
4.2Competitor Environment6
4.2.1General Assessment6
4.2.2Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses6
4.2.3Comparison of Jordan Toothbrush with Competitors' Products7 V.Strengths, Weaknesses. Opportunities and Threats analysis8 5.1Strengths Analysis8
5.2Weaknesses Analysis9
5.3Opportunities Analysis10
5.4Threats Analysis10
VI.Target market11
VII.Marketing objectives11
VIII.Marketing strategy13
8.1Product Strategy13
8.1.1Product Variety13
8.1.2Brand Name14
8.2Pricing Strategy14
8.2.1Setting the Price14
8.2.2Adapting the Price15
8.3Distribution Strategy16
8.3.1Intermediaries and Channels16
8.3.2Modes of Distribution16
8.3.3Terms and Responsibilities of Channel Members17
8.4Promotion Strategy17

8.4.2Sales Promotion18
8.4.3Public Relations19
IX.Implementation and control19


Executive summary
The Marketing Plan for Jordan toothbrush is developed in order to give the best way for Diethelm Company to successfully launch this new product, which is not well known in Vietnam at this moment. This Marketing Plan comprises following major parts:

Analyzing practical situation, including demographic, socio-cultural, legal/political aspects, demand and demand trend. Identifying major competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses to find a “hole” in the market place for Jordan toothbrush. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses of Jordan toothbrush and Diethelm Company, as well as identifying opportunities for Jordan toothbrush and threats facing Diethelm Company. On the basis of these analyses, the target market of Jordan toothbrush is identified as the children segment and middle and high-income adult segment. In order to accomplish the plan’s objectives of building brand awareness and increasing sales, the four-P strategies are developed. These include product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies. In this plan, we focus on distribution and promotion strategies with the hope that Diethelm Company can meet the objectives by using its budget effectively. A budget of US$ 40,000 for this marketing plan is also suggested, with the allocations for advertising, sales promotion and public relations of US$ 20,000, US$ 15,000 and US$ 5,000, respectively. Finally are issues concerning the implementation and control of the marketing plan, including implementation schedule and evaluation of the plan in terms of sales and market share.

Toothbrush is not a new market in Vietnam. Many companies have invested in this field, including Vietnamese companies, like P/S, and foreign companies, such as Colgate Palmolive and Oral-B. However, as family income, life standard, and the attention to health care of Vietnamese people are increasing, the demand for high-quality toothbrushes has also been rising. Being aware of this large demand in Vietnam, Jordan Company – a Norway company producing high-quality toothbrushes – chose Diethelm Co., Ltd. as its distributor to launch Jordan toothbrush in Vietnam. Facing a fierce competition, the only way for Diethelm Co., Ltd. to penetrate and win in the market place is to set up a good marketing plan appropriate to current conditions of the Vietnam market. Therefore, this project aims at developing a marketing plan for Jordan toothbrushes for one year, from July 1999 to July 2000. The main objective of this marketing plan is to build brand awareness and to help Diethelm Company in getting an increasing sales in Vietnam.

Company profile
Diethelm was founded in...

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