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Introduction & Mission, Vision and Values Statements

1.1 Introduction

You might find it easiest to write the introduction last, as it should contain a brief statement on each of the following:

A brief summary of your business
Your overall strategy
Key actions or areas you plan to exploit
Any major factors which will affect the plan
What does your business do and how long has it been operating? What industry is it in? What sets your business above your competitor’s e.g. different location, cheaper price, and better service? Give an outline of the products or services, who will buy them, where you feel the business will be in two to five years and how this will be achieved?

1.2 Mission Statement

Make it meaningful – a practical, clear summary what your business does and how it does it.

1.3 Vision Statement

A statement of where you want your business to be in the future. Are you seeking a stable business or significant growth? What will your business look like in five years’ time?

1.4 Values

What are the driving principles behind your business? What will you always do? What will you never do? Why should these things matter to your customers?

2.0 Current Situation

What is the main market/industry you operate in (or intend to operate in)? List major changes you predict could happen in these markets/industry? What impact will this have on your business success? What are the reasons or aims of developing this marketing strategy? What is the conclusion of this plan (to be completed after development)?

This information also comes from your marketing audit.

You need to consider the PESTLE factors that affect your market environment:


And also the elements of your marketing mix:

Product: What products (goods or services) are you selling? What competitive products are on the market?


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