Marketing Plan for Halal Frozen Food

Topics: Marketing, Food, Retailing Pages: 9 (2201 words) Published: December 18, 2010
This marketing plan was specifically created for Halal Frozen Food Retail Shop.

Executive Summary
Halal is an Arabic word which means permissible or lawful. In the Holy Quran, God commands muslims and all of mankind to eat of the halal things. Nowadays, demand for Halal foods is increasing not only in the U.S., Europe and Canada, but also in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and Australia. In Malaysia the need for halal food showing a positive grow. An awareness campaign about halal food through media electronics and tabloids gave a good opportunity to the Malaysian’s entrepreneurs to produce verities of halal food product like frozen food, beverage, snack and etc. The market for halal food in Malaysia still big and not fully tapped. Our first frozen food retail shop will be located at Bangi Kompleks PKNS or somewhere nearby neighbourhood. Due to high number of muslim community, the area is the best place for our first outlet for frozen food retail shop.

2.0 Situation Analysis

In Malaysia retail shop is very common and it is the best option to those who need to save their time in looking on specific product. Some of well known retail shop in Malaysia like 7-Eleven, 99 shop and among bigger like Tesco, Carrefour and Giants. Biggest retailers always mix the halal and non halal product lumped together. Our retail shop repertoire varieties of halal frozen foods like fish, seafood, meat products, potato products, vegetables, fruit, pizza, ready meals, Malaysian traditional food, bakery products and desserts.

2.1 Local Market Summary
Consumer expenditure in food consumption is very important in daily life. Most people who are very busy with work prefer having the food that can be serve less than an hour. However, most of the foods which ready in the market nowadays are not served according to Islamic requirement and the halal status is hesitant. Likewise, the need to have one stop centre of frozen food halal product is seemed to have an impact to the Muslim Community. Our aim first is to create awareness and the needs for them to have one halal stop centre. Bangi was a famous city as an elite area because of most of UKM lecturer stay in that area. Most of them considered potential customer to our business. Bangi comprises of condominiums, bungalows, terrace houses and apartments. Apparently, more than 8 condominiums and apartments are already complete. All the residences are for sale and rental, so it is expected that the household income is within RM50, 000 - $100,000 per year.

2.2 Overseas Market
The market of overseas will be tapped once our positioning in the local market is strong. [pic]
2.4 Market Needs
• Quality certification: All products must be fully certified by JAKIM or Halal Bodies. • Quality product: All products must reach to certain ISO standard before it is marketed to the consumers. • Accessibility: Product can be delivered direct to consumer. • Customer service: The buyer will be impressed with the level of attention that they received. • Competitive pricing: All products will be priced competitive (possible because of selling direct to buyer thus avoiding middle man/third party). • High quality product: produce will fulfill international requirement. 2.5 Market Trends

The market for halal frozen food is growing in Malaysia. From my observation verities of the frozen food products especially produce by small medium enterprise are still lacking in marketing even though their quality is equal from bigger company. Our retail centre will help to promote them so our customers have lots of option to choose. As a muslim country, the supply of halal products is good but the consumers acceptance is still low and indifferent. The situation contributes towards this trend are: • Market supply: Many food manufacturers are now producing halal product under JAKIM certification. However, many big retails convenient stores are not willing to accept their products...
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