Marketing Plan for Cocacola

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, John Pemberton Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: May 16, 2013

BRAND NAME: Coca cola

Coca cola was invented in the year 1886 by Mr. John Pemberton where it brought refreshments to patrons of a small pharmacy in Atlanta. Coca cola is enjoyed in more than 200 hundred countries worldwide. In the year 1893- 1904 it went beyond Atlanta and was bottled. Coke is a driving force in the global market where everyone can relate to its taste where it pays attention to what people from different cultures and back ground like to drink. Some say coca cola is patriotic and it will have a place in markets everywhere. Coke introduced different flavors in the year 2000 such as Vanilla coke, cherry coke and sprite. In 2006 Coca Cola and its Enterprise where ranked No.1 and No.2 .Coca cola have been in existence for 126 yrs. to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.


The analysis of this company’s situation is to thrive as a business over the next ten (10) years while understanding the trend that shape our business in the future. These are the declarations that guide our company. In the year 2011 we built strong momentum towards our 2020 goal of doubling our business over the course of this decade.

2.1Coca Cola Mission is to:

Refresh the world in mind , body and sprit
To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage

2.2Coca Cola Vision Statement:

To achieve a set of developed goals, which will work with our bottlers to deliver good service.

People : Be a great place to work
Portfolio: Be No.1 in the beverage business in every category that is of value to us. •Partners: Be the most preferred and trusted beverage partner •Planet: Be a global leader in sustainable water use, packaging energy and climate. •Profit: Doubling systems revenues while increasing profit margins •Productivity: Manage people, time and money for great effectiveness 2.3 The Coca Cola Company Shared Values:

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