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The identification and prioritize of next years’ opportunities People in Hong Kong is health-oriented
Hong Kong is world’s financial centre. Everyone in Hong Kong strive their best to earn money. Recently, Hong Kong citizen is being concern on their health because of their high education level nowadays. Therefore they always seek the information or method to maintain their health.

Long working hours
Since Hong Kong people work hardly, they do not have enough time to take care about themselves. For example, they probably eat junk food outside and result in difficulty to obtain the necessary nutrition like vitamins. So, we should provide a product that is a convenient product for them as to supply the nutrition that they need daily. The price of the health care product is always high in the market Many health care products arouse people's attention. Those health care products are always expensive, which people cannot buy many to afford their daily consumption. Ca-C 1000 Sandor is one of the health care products in the market; it provides the vitamin product in the market which the people need to absorb every day. Its target market is mass as same as us and it promotes that human need to have vitamins C every day with a series of advertising. High demand of multi-function product

Customers choose product always based on the multi functions. They think the product which is a multi-function product is more valuable.
Teenagers in Hong Kong can accept new product easily
Teenagers in Hong Kong are curious innovative. They are willing to try something that they have never used or seen before. Once they have tried a good product, they are pleased to share those with their friends. In this case, we need to make good use of worth-of-mouth recommendation. We hope that when teenagers try our product and feel perfect afterwards, they will consequently recommend to their friend. Then, our product will be a necessity to supply vitamin to all Hong Kong citizen to strengthen their health.

Formulation and prioritizing of marketing objectives
1.To develop a new health care product in Hong Kong within year 2011 Bonaqua is the highest market share of bottle water in Hong Kong. Bonaqua has provided an impressive image by using many advertisements to build up active lifestyle image. Ca-C 1000 Sandor is a low-sugar, no preservatives and water-dissolved vitamin C health product. The new health care product line is cooperated by Bonaqua and Ca-C 1000 Sandor, called Bonaqua-C. The people who is health-oriented and seeking for the health care products willing to try our new product. We can count out the total number of Bonaqua-C we sell or distribute to the population. The new product line, Bonaqua-C will be sold in the market within 2010. 2.Achieve 60% awareness of new product line image as healthy, valuable and trendy in our target market of teenagers within year 2011. Bonaqua-C will make use of the teenagers’ idol, Gem Tang to a new spokesman and design a series of advertising on the television, internet, outdoor advertisement and magazine. Bonaqua also organize a series of promotion, such as free drink distribution, sponsorship and competition. The price also will set up in a lower price which teenagers can afford it. Teenagers like fashionable and convenient products and easily motivated by their friends. Because of the high education of teenagers, they started to consider their health. Teenagers are the segment that easily accepts new products among the other segments. In order to measure the result, we would like to invite the teenagers do the survey in our website in December 2011. We also can count out the amount of teenagers visiting our website because they need to choose their age group while visiting our website. We would establish the new image and catch the attention to attract the teenagers within 2011.

3.Let 10% of population in HK assesses healthy lifestyle by promoting the importance of water...

4. Article from 動腦brain, 2009
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