Marketing Plan and Control

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1.0 Introduction
In-jelly is a new beverage product which aims at assisting a need of Australian consumers. Besides, it focuses to capitalize on an opportunity in an Australian beverage-based market. The organization which has been chosen is V-energy drink. As the owner of our business, it has the final right of decision making such as the resources allocation and advertising decision. The organization is very important as it is responsible for the continuing success of the business operation.

In this report, the primary focus is to create a marketing plan which helps launch the new product to the market and operate profitably. The strategies for developing the framework (one year) are clearly stated.

2.0 Environmental Scan
2.1 The organization
The organization is a popular beverage company named V-energy drink. V-energy drink is one of the Australia’s most well known and popular energy drink company. It has established a positive image in the public. With their high quality products, customers are willing to pay a price who wants to have a energy boost. (V , n.d.)

However, V is not intended for children, pregnant women or even athletics. By extending their product line with the new in-jelly product, it enhances their competitiveness against its competitors such as Red Bull. Therefore, to retain a position in the customers’ minds as high quality, V needs to launch new product that appears as nutritional. So our product In- jelly can help V to achieve this goal by adding nutrient and vitamins, which can serve as a meal supplement drink for people. As the nutritional value and the product function increases, it can increase sales and enable V to be more competitive in the customers’ mind.

2.2 Competitors/ Industry
Competitor analysis is one of the marketing strategy which to find out strengths, weaknesses about potential and current competitors. Competitor analysis is very important in the marketing planning process. Competitors in the market will determine whether to take action. And it is to be included in own company strategy. For the framework of competitor analysis it divided four details of competitor which objectives, strategy, assumptions and resources& capabilities.

* Red-bull Company
Our products in-jelly is kind of energy drink. For this reason Red-bull is one of the main competitors. Currently, people are care about their health. However Red bull energy drink contained high level of caffeine and sugar. This is very harmful to our body, for this reason some countries banned drinking Red bull such as Norway and Denmark (Appendices A). This serious threatens Red-bull Company. Red-bull is lead to energy drink industry. The Red-bull brand image enhances youth culture through the extreme sports marketing. This firm Spencer includes motor sports and snowboarding. So Red-bull’s segment target market is young generation just like students. The Red-bull firm’s objective is to find successful way of affect to next young generation and become to the mature market like coca cola and Pepsi in the world market. Main advantage of Red-bull is to boost customer energy and makes refreshing. Also it is easy to access to buy it. However, it is very harmful to health and price also expensive. (Appendices A)

* The biggest loser
These company products are low-fat food for the balancing diet just like our company products. Currently, there is lots of fat-free food in the market and the price is much cheaper than biggest loser products. The biggest loser company products are very good for the balancing diet, also it is very healthy. The other thing is the biggest loser television program is good for the marketing strategy. However, this company’s product range is limited. It is difficult to make satisfaction which customer desires. In addition, price is expensive and limited access place to buy their products. (Appendices A).

2.3 P.E.S.T.E
2.3.1 Political and regulatory factors
Normally speaking, if...
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