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1.0 Executive Summary

RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop is a sole proprietor operating business here in Zamboanga City. A progressive, socially oriented enterprise continually seeking to provide high quality baked products for its market sector targets.

RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop seeks to keep its organizational structure procedures and business operation such that it will constantly uphold the valuable service to its customers, maintain equitable relationship with its employees and to contribute to the economic development of the city and the region.

There are several Marketing priorities that are crucial to ensure a successful penetration into the market. The first priority is to build awareness of its products within its segments and expanded branches. This will be accomplished through the years to come. Secondly, continuing to provide the customers delicious and high quality baked products in order to generate positive outcomes along with the other players in the business industry.

2.0 Situational Analysis
With over twenty five years experience RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop offers expertise in the Business industry of baking pastries and baked products. Currently, it focuses on providing the consumers the satisfaction. The current breakdown of the business services RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop provides is 75% Baked Products (Breads) and 25% Pastries (cakes, delicacies, etc.). Its current standing in the business industry is quite remarkable and total sales are increasing annually, The Establishment is purchasing space from various locations for its expansions. Due to its increasing sales, RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop is able to keep their product’s prizes substantially along with other bakeshops. And this results the bakeshop to continue in prevailing market rates to its consumers. Consumers are then able to acquire products that can satisfactorily satisfy the amount they pay. By expanding into branches, RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop will have the opportunity hedge its risk against any future downturns affecting any of its segments in the business industry. 2.1 Market Summary

The target market of RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop is none other than the Filipino masses specifically the ones living here in Zamboanga City. The marketing environment for RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop represents overwhelming opportunities. It also contains some challenges that the bakeshop believes it can meet successfully.

2.1.1 Market Demographics
RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop initially started in cooperation with Julie’s Bakeshop but later on established its own business organization and started operating as a sole proprietor in the business industry. Later, the bakeshop had developed different marketing strategies to improve and increase sale. As to the current demographics of RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop, they successfully indulged in the business industry operating with a centralized organization.

2.1.2 Market needs
With the continuous growth of the population here in Zamboanga City, there will be increasing need of food services and food production. The market’s needs definitely change as the business industry grows as well. RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop can be the first movers to provide the market’s increasing need of food production due to the city’s growing population. And despite this growing need, RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop can be of great advantage thus the business establishment have been improving its product sales and operating in a single and centralize business organization.

2.1.3 Market Trends
As our economy rises and falls, depending on the one who manages the country, goods have forced to increase or decrease their prizes. But respectively, though RIC AND REMY’S Bakeshop participated with these changes they still maintained their products prizes in respect with the market’s majority budget.

2.1.4 Market Growth
The market still keeps on growing due to the demands and supply relationship of the establishment and their consumer’s. And...
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