Franchise Cake Shop

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The Monginis brand name originated over 100 years ago, when 2 Italian brothers set up a catering firm in south Mumbai. It manufactured and distributed savouries, pastries, cakes, birthday gateaux, cookies, breads and other bakery items. Products were divided into two main categories: (1) Pastries and Cakes, and (2) Savouries. .

In 1971, for the first time in India, a plan of having an exclusive franchise cake shop was conceptualized. Mr. H.T. Khorakiwala, the founder president of national association of bakery industry, who spear headed the operations, realized that to grow it was necessary to focus on production standards and distribution. The retail management was best left to the shop owners, who were in a better position to offer personalized service to the customers. The success of the first franchise cake shop sparked off a setting up of a chain of franchise cake shops all across India, which is nearing the 500 mark. Monginis has emerged as one of the largest food store chain in India. At the sprawling 150,000 sq. feet combined manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and its twin city thane. The organization today owns the state of the art manufacturing facilities to produce a whole range of cakes and bakery products, both oven fresh and supplied daily to all the cake shops. A pioneering step was the franchising of manufacturing operations across the cities of India. Monginis realized, at the outset, that the culture and tastes of people differed from state to state and even from the same cities in the same state. Hence Monginis opted for growth through the franchise route where the manufacturing operations are owned and managed by the franchisee. These franchises hail from that particular city and who understand the habit and tastes
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