Marketing Mix of Fevicol

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Marketing Mix of Fevicol



A company's strategic plan establishes what kinds of business the company will be in and its objectives for each. Then, within each business unit more detailed planning must take place. The major functional departments in each unit - marketing, finance, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, information systems, human resources, and others - must work together to accomplish strategic objectives. MARKETING plays a major role in strategic planning. Marketing looks at consumer needs and the company's ability to satisfy them; these same factors guide the company's overall mission and objectives. Sound marketing is critical to the success of every organization - large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, domestic or global. Large for-profit firms such as Pidilite, Sony, Microsoft etc. use marketing. Moreover, marketing is used all around the world. Business and government leaders in most of the nations are eager to learn everything they can about modern marketing practices. Once the company has decided on its overall competitive marketing strategy, it is ready to planning the details of the marketing mix, one of the major concepts in modern marketing. Hence, in this project, we have attempted to study the marketing mix of the brand FEVICOl, its market positioning and its distribution channel. The project consists of four main chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction to the company and the brand, Pidilite and Fevicol respectively. The second chapter deals with the 4 P’s of Marketing viz. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The third chapter tells you about the Market Segmentation. The fourth chapter deals with the Positioning of the Brand - Fevicol. The other consist of the Bibliography. Thus, we have gone in a very systematic manner carefully explaining each and every concept of the brand Fevicol. As Mr. Dwight Waldo has quoted, “One man’s red tape is another man’s system", we have tried to study the Brand FEVICOL as deeply as possible. We hope to have achieved our goal through this project and are very satisfied with the way we have done it.

Marketing Mix of Fevicol


I sincerely thank my Guide & Professor Mr.chitnis on whose initiative I started this study. Her continuous guidance and new insights gave me fresh ideas on how to go about my project. I am thankful to her for guiding me in a close study of Marketing Mix of an established brand like Fevicol of the Pidilite Industries Limited. I also thank Mr. Divyesh Shah, for setting a meeting up for me with the Pidilite Industries Ltd.– Mr. B. O. Mehta, Vice President Marketing of Fevicol. I thank Mr. B. O. Mehta for allowing me to carry on this extensive study of his brand and further helping by providing me with useful information at every stage of our project building process. I would also like to thank Mr. Ashish Kumar Dixit (Dy. Manager Product) – Mumbai Marketing, for anxiously helping me with my project in a short span of time. I thank all of them for cooperating with me by supplying me with the necessary information to complete my project. I would also appreciate the help given by Mr. Mohan – the carpenter, Mr. Devji Shah – a hardware retailer, Mr. Vinay Shah – interior decorator. All these people helped me in their own way, thus, contributing to build up this project. And last but not the least, I would like to thank IMC as a whole from where I got the major chunk of our data. Without everyone’s help, I would not have been able to complete this project. I really appreciate their understanding to the student’s needs for a real study on the corporate world.

Marketing Mix of Fevicol


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Introduction 4 – 10 5  Pidilite 10  Fevicol 4 P’s of Marketing 11 – 60 12  Product 28  Price 39  Place (Distribution) 46  Promotion Market 60 - 65 Segmentation Positioning 66 - 75 Bibliography 76

Marketing Mix of...

Bibliography:  Websites O&M Agency’s Website Other search engines
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