Pran Group Swot Analysis

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PRAN stands for Program for Rural Advancement Nationally.The largest fruit and vegetable processing industry in Bangladesh with countrywide distribution network AMCL’s PRAN is an established brand of Bangladesh with an extensive sales force all over the country. PRAN have a well-developed infrastructure for production, sales and distribution. PRAN has proven itself as – Local product but of international standard. .

• Quality maintenance and improvement.
• Satisfied customers.
• Hold on to the current customers and again gain customer loyalty. • Gain competitive advantage over all the competitors.
• To double sales and expand production capacity every 7-8 years. • To become one of the biggest names in international fruit and vegetable processing industry Scope:
The market of soft drinks and beverage is very competitive. We may say that as a strong market. This project paper is prepared as a marketing plan of a product of AMCL which brand name is PRAN. Methodology:

To prepare this report, standard methods of report writing have been used. For writing this report different types of data were needed to complete, tabulate and analyze. The required data were collected by using secondary sources. For collecting data from secondary sources, go through various web sites. After completion of the data, these were sorted into different categories. Limitation:

The study suffered a number of limitations:
1. Lack of the part of experience of the researchers.
2. Unconfirmed accuracy of certain information acquired.
3. Lack of information from the primary source.
4. The comparisons may not be effective enough.
5. Lack of time for preparing the report.
Source of data:
Our source of data is internet, other company profile, published magazine by other company etc. we also collect information from our experience.

Current market analysis:
According to the information from different sources “Pran” is now the market leader in the juice sector of soft drinks market. After Pran, frutika, fruto are in the position. Most market shares are now holding by AMCL (Pran), next frutika and then fruto.

Product Review:
Among many of their products PRAN’s main product is their fruit juice and fruit drinks, which is very popular among the existing market. The product line is:

• Fruit juice in glass bottle (returnable):
It is hygienically produced by state-of-the-art machinery. Available in mango flavor, made from fresh local ripe mangoes.

• Fruit juice in glass bottle (non-returnable):
This category of juice is found in non-returnable glass bottle in flavors of mango, guava and orange.

• Fruit juice in aseptic pack:
Available flavors in this category are: mango, lemon, orange, pineapple, guava and mango-pine.

• Fruit juice in can:
The fruit juices in cans are hygienically produced by state-of-the-art machine from flavors of mango, orange and guava.

Review of competitors:
Currently there are so many juice companies in our country. Among them pran is the leader of juice sector in Bangladesh. Except pran, Lemu, Mojo, RC cola, Pepsi, URO Cola, Virgin, Fruti, Coca cola, 7up, Tiger. Shezan Juice, Rasna.

Review of distribution:
Pran primarily use existing distributors for distributing their product Pran Juice then; they make some new channels and assign some distributors to promote their product to all over the country. So pran deal with this chain: Manufacturer >  Wholesaler>   Retailer>  Customer

Figure: Distribution Channel
Company using mobile shop in the shopping malls, offices and crowded areas so that people can purchase the product easily when they like to consume. We will make our consumer by Value Delivery Network.

SWOT Analysis:

• Government support: Being the biggest local force in the industry AMCL always had government by its side. Government has been supporting PRAN in many ways like subsidies, export subsidies, tariffs...
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